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I participated in the LA Video hackathon at Google Los Angeles this weekend. It was a two day affair at GOOG’s Venice office — a Frank Gehry building featuring a rad Claes Oldenburg sculpture.  

I pitched an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while and was able to assemble a great team to pull it off. This is rough and hosted on a dev box, but if you’re curious: 

We called the project Giggle — “Gigs powered by Google” — and it combines Songkick with YouTube to play a continuous stream of videos from bands who are coming to your city. You can skip artists you don’t like and buy tickets for those you do. Conceptually, I think it enables both active and passive awareness of artists and events, which is cool. 

The execution is super simple, and the genre field doesn’t really work because the data is incomplete, but I think the straightforwardness is what appealed to the hackathon audience. We also optimized the design for Google TV so it looked great on the big screen for the demo. 

Every attendee got a Google TV and winning team members got a Nexus 7. So far I really like both. A very successful weekend! 

If you want to see my demo, the video’s on YouTube (natch).

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